Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center(Cultural And Physical Activity Center For Youth)
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Main Facilities
Main Facilities
* Culture and Art Building (B1~7F): includes an information counter, a reading room for youth, a periodicals reading room, two dance rooms, a computer lab, classrooms for seminars, an archive room and other service facilities.
* Performance Facilities:includes a Performance Auditorium(with a capacity of 1,100 people), an Auditorium(for 153 people), an outdoor stage(for 2,000 people), a Gallery, a rehearsal room, and changing rooms for performers.
* Underground Entertainment Facilities: includes audio-visual rooms for MTV and KTV, a disco room, a computer game room, a table-tennis room, a billiards room, a physical training room, etc.
* Athletic Areas: includes a multi-purpose gymnasium (for basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, etc. Viewing decks accommodates 1,500 people), a paintball field, a skating rink and other related facilities.
* Outdoor Activity Areas: includes 20 activity facilities, such as a lawn for multi-purpose activities , a Gym, a camping ground,a BBQ area, etc.
* Scouting Center: includes a meeting room, an office, a kitchen, a cafeteria, 10 bedrooms for staff, and bathrooms for campers.
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* *ADD:No.115. Syuefu Rd. Siaogang District. Kaohsiung City 812. Taiwan (R.O.C.)Google map FAX:07-8032059 * TEL:(07) 886-7-8034473 (07) 886-7-9735360
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