Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center(Cultural And Physical Activity Center For Youth)
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* 0.Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center(Cultural And Physical Activity Center For Youth)|
* 1. Brief History | 1-1.Origin| 1-2.Geographical location| 1-3.OEfficacy & Prospective|
1-4.Floor plan of the whole area |
* 2. Overview of Center Services| 2-1. Activity Overview | 2-2.Research and Development Section|
2-3.Counseling Section
| 02-4.Youth Activity Section| 02-5.General Affairs Section| 2-6.Extensions of various divisions|
* 3. Venue Facilities and Using | 3-1.Main Facilities| 3-2.Opening Hours Usage| 3-3.Usage regulations|
* 4. User-Friendly Services| 4-1. Director’s mailbox | 4-2.Location and Transportation|
4-3.Frequently Asked Questions
* 5. Links | 5-1.Links|
* 6. Bilingual |  
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* *ADD:No.115. Syuefu Rd. Siaogang District. Kaohsiung City 812. Taiwan (R.O.C.)Google map FAX:07-8032059 * TEL:(07) 886-7-8034473 (07) 886-7-9735360
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