Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center(Cultural And Physical Activity Center For Youth)
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Brief History
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Efficacy & Prospective

*Promote social education and encourage life-long learning
*Encourage community development and social tranquility
*Provide an activities-oriented place focused on youth leisure
*Promote a balanced development of moral values, intelligence, physical fitness, teamwork, and arts in young persons
*Propagate arts and culture into the southern Kaohsiung region
*Provide a venue for folk performances
*Encourage human qualities and artistic education
*Provide a complete training ground for scouts
Every one of us is a subject of social education. Its content is about life, its field is broad, and its methods are diverse. The goal of social education is to improve our society, and to further enhance social prosperity. Therefore, social education plays an important and active role in the process of facilitating and establishing a peaceful society.

The Kaohsiung Cultural and Physical Activity Youth Center is a comprehensive social education organization. By providing diverse social education resources such as knowledge, leisure activities, arts, and life-long learning, it helps to raise the quality of cultural and leisure pursuits, thereby creating a more peaceful and optimistic society.
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